We were chosen:
JSC “EP “KazMunaiGas”
JSC "Kazakhstan Construction and Housing Corporation"
JSC "International Airport Astana"
GU "Center for Government Communications KNB RK"
JSC "Center for training, retraining and advanced training of specialists of bodies of the financial system"
JSC Transtelecom
JSC BRK-Leasing
PU «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services»
JSC "RC Kazimpex"
GU "Committee on Financial Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan"
JSC "National Company" Kazsatnet"


BTC is glad to provide your company with technical service of your computer park of machines and office equipment and we offer full outsourcing of information technologies of your company and guarantee you:
  • High level of information technology security company;
  • Uninterrupted operation of services;
  • Satisfied users;
  • Licensed purity

Tariff Plans
Type of service Corporate Premium Standard Economic
Mandatory departures, 8 times/month 4 times/month 2 times/month 1 times/month
Emergency departures, not limited 4 times/month 2 times/month 1 times/month
Unscheduled departure - 1500 ₸/hour 1500 ₸/hour 1500 ₸/hour
Number of serviced PCs Cost per unit per month
from 1 to 9 PC 8500 ₸/month 7000 ₸/month 6500 ₸/month 5200 ₸/month
from 10 to 19 to 7000 ₸/month 5700 ₸/month 5400 ₸/month 4500 ₸/month
from 20 and more PC contractual contractual contractual contractual
Number of servers serviced Cost per unit per month
from 1 to 9 12500 ₸/month 8900 ₸/month 8500 ₸/month 8000 ₸/month
from 10 to 19 10300 ₸/month 8700 ₸/month 8200 ₸/month 7700 ₸/month
from 20 and more contractual contractual contractual contractual
Promotions when ordering services 1 year
At the conclusion of a service contract for
one year, antivirus discount (with an annual license)
free 50% 30% 20%
When purchasing computer and office equipment
or software from one source, a discount is provided:
20% 15% 10% -