Alsem Astana
Core activities




Operational  Consulting

This is a relatively new direction within the limits of which our consultants determine and optimize the internal processes of customer IT service. The basis of the construction of IT management processes is ITIL / ITSM methodology. The implementation of standardized IT management processes (incident and problem management, configuration management, change management, etc.) will increase the efficiency of IT services and IT investments, and achieve transparency of IT services management.

Within this direction we offer:

  • expertise of customer IT infrastructure;
  • proposals for existing IT infrastructure re-engineering;
  • scheduled organizational and methodical provision of IT processes and IT resources allocation;
  • assistance in software selection.


Management Consulting

As a rule, maintenance of IT infrastructure and especially its further development is associated with serious financial and time costs. The choice of further development direction and IT infrastructure improvement is made in conditions of high uncertainty and there is high probability of choosing the wrong development priorities.

One of the most effective ways to reduce errors is construction and implementation of integrated concept of IT infrastructure development.

This concept provides:

  • determination of IT infrastructure priorities;
  • development programme formation according to time and financial possibilities of enterprise;
  • result assessment of each implementation stage;
  • conducting, and if necessary, adjusting of further stages.


Technical Consulting

The company provides a wide range of technical advice services in the field of information systems. The basic consulting features are design, implementation and methodological control of the following IS components:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Enterprise e-mail and document management systems
  • Database management systems
  • Remote access and Internet access systems
  • Decision support systems

This direction involves diagnosis of customer system and technical infrastructure and technical issues study: the choice of plan and technologies of IS components integration, the choice of specific tasks optimal solution, development of a new subsystem, comparison of several solutions from different providers.


Information System Audit

IT system audit provides for current state examination, IS elements low performance or fault cause detection, IT risks, protection and IT investments assessment. The audit results - is the basis for strategic plans for IT development as well as technical plans for IT modernization.

Construction of information systems

Company profile of any activity places high demands on the quality of the information system in terms of providing the required level of performance, reliability, scalability, and availability of data and applications. Building an effective IT infrastructure is an important element for the realization of business objectives.

Saiga company, LLP offers a wide range of professional services for system design and integration of various software applications and hardware solutions:

  • design, installation and maintenance of information infrastructure, including buildings SCS, UPS systems, multiservice data networks, distributed computing systems and enterprise storage systems;
  • management information infrastructure;
  • specialized computer systems, system automation and remote control.

Our solutions are designed to provide safe and efficient operation of any customer's business processes.

Delivery and setting-up of equipment

In the course of information systems building Saiga company, LLС carries out selection and coordination of specifications, order, purchase, completing, delivery, assemblage, installation, setting-up, starting-up and commissioning of equipment included in information systems, software-hardware complexes or individual subsystems.

We offer a wide range of active and passive equipment of computer networks, workstations and servers (including fat 64-bit servers and clusters, multiprocessing, fail-safe and failure-resistant, scalable and expandable by many characteristics). Among the equipment for building of the infrastructure components and technical subsystems – there are uninterruptible power supply, cable equipment, communication equipment (including video servers and audio components, telephone exchanges, means of IP telephony systems building, voice communication systems, etc.).

Development of application software

Saiga company, LLC delivers and installs software of its partners and also designs and develops its own software, including by order of clients. The most complex software being developed represents the multilevel distributed information systems capable of storing and processing large bulk of data. These systems are based on such powerful DBMS as Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server allowing to develop enterprise- and nation-wide databases.

Maintenance and development of information systems

Modern IT technologies keep progressing quite rapidly. Complexity of implemented solutions and installed equipment leads to severization of requirements to the personnel maintaining and managing the system. Customers can not always afford to keep highly paid technical staff.

We offer services on further maintenance of both solutions implemented by us and the infrastructure available at the customer. A team of professional experts of Saiga Company will promptly solve your problems and will reduce to minimum the losses caused by information system downtime, ensuring customers acceptable expenses for IT infrastructure maintenance.

In the course of operation there are additional requirements and need for further development of program modules or retrofit installation. We are ready to undertake development of your information system and bringing it to conformity with the requirements of your business. We offer only the most advanced and checked solutions.